Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in the United States

Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in the United States

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I’m Parker from the Southwest USA in Southern Nevada. I'm a nonfiction writer, news observer and commentator who is creatively slanted, vividly visual, fiercely flexible, profoundly detailed, incurably curious, crazily comedic and, above all, grateful for much.


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MY INTERESTS: I'm a fan and early adopter of practical and novelty technologies ('geek' is fine). I encourage enthusiastic, compassionate cross-cultural communications, and I like interacting with many species of animals--especially humans.

I relax to a wide variety of classic, comedy and cutting-edge television series and movies. Musically, I adore Jazz, enjoy Classic Rock, Standards, and many other genres. Surprising myself, I now sing solo and duet karaoke with thousands in my beloved global community via Sing! by

Daily, I listen to sociopolitical news media and satire (in good taste only). Admittedly, I'm somewhat social media shy, and I value my real friends above the suspicious, digital wannabe kind.

MY VALUES: I treasure the invaluable freedoms of my (1) homeland, (2) health and wellness, (3) work and entrepreneurship, and (4) doing volunteer service to make positive changes for others.

Spiritual growth and self-examination is how I make positive changes in myself. Thank Goodness, we all can do that.

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Parker :)

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