Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in USA - Southern Nevada

Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in USA - Southern Nevada

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GREETINGS! I’m a longtime resident of So Nevada, born in the USA. I'm a writer, researcher and commentator. Topics include Crime Awareness and Prevention, Personal Safety, Consumer Rights, and Community Health and Wellness, as well as an often humorous slant on Human Behavior and Unusual Businesses.

Others call me creative, caring, detailed, patient, gregarious and flexible. Above all, I am grateful for much.


TOPIC: The 6888th Battalion of WWII

Discover military veterans' history, rare videos and facts on the official website about a predominantly Black WAC unit serving in Europe from 1945 to 1946.

MY ADVOCACY & INTERESTS: I've always encouraged compassionate, cross-cultural communication.

I believe animals and natural resources are to be cherished, respected and protected.

Early childhood literacy and providing kids with tangible, fun, paper books is vital in this digital age.

The growing affordable housing crisis and rise in homelessness leads me to study Tiny Houses and alternative dwellings for transitional and permanent homes for fixed- and low-income earners.

I watch sociopolitical and human interest news and enjoy satire (in good taste only). Legal issues and court cases captivate me. For entertainment, it’s comedy, sports, and cutting-edge movies. (See "Funeral of a Nation" and other links in the Gallery.)

I'm an early adopter of many practical and novelty technologies. (”Geek“ is fine:) Admittedly, I'm a reticent, social media 'late bloomer' and want to learn more about using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. LOL. Can you help me out?

MY GRATITUDE: I thank God for powering my life and providing my most treasured blessings: (1) a supportive circle of family, friends and those considered “framily”; (2) health and wellness; (3) capacity to learn, create and communicate, and (4) ample opportunities to serve others through work, volunteering and charitable service that helps make positive changes for individuals and communities.

MY FAVORITE SAYING: "Life Is Short, But It’s Wide.”

ASK ME: Do you need research, writing, troubleshooting, or creative ideas for a business or private project? Other interests?

CONTACT ME: I invite your comments and questions. Use the email form below. Call or text me 24/7 at (702) 620-4020.

THANK YOU for visiting my mini-bio page!

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  • Education
    • Washington University - St Louis MO
    • Forest Park College - St Louis Comm College
    • University Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV)
    • Dale Carnegie
    • College of Southern Nevada
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