Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in USA - Southern Nevada

Parker Philpot

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in USA - Southern Nevada

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GREETINGS! I’m a longtime resident of So Nevada, born in the USA. I'm a writer, researcher and commentator. Others call me creative, caring, detailed, patient, gregarious and flexible. Above all, I am grateful for much.


TOPIC: The 6888th Battalion of WWII

Discover 'hidden' Black military veterans' history, rare videos and facts on the official website about an all-Black veterans unit serving the USA.

MY INTERESTS: I've always encouraged compassionate, cross-cultural communication. I like interacting with many species of animals, especially humans.

I watch sociopolitical and human interest news and enjoy satire (in good taste only). I relax to comedy, as well as cutting-edge dramas and movies.(See "Funeral of a Nation" in Gallery!)

I'm an early adopter of practical and novelty technologies. ('Geek' is fine:) Admittedly, I'm somewhat of a social media 'late bloomer' and want to learn more about Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. LOL. CAN YOU HELP?

MY FAITH: I thank God for powering my life. These are treasured joys: (1) my health and wellness; (2) having work and entrepreneurship, and (3) doing volunteer and church service to help make positive changes for others.

MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: I love my family and my "framily." It's also a joy to grow closer to several Smule members as we nurture and grow friendships in our 'fam' on Sing! (The ‘F-word’--friend--is taken casually far too often on social media.

True Friendship is precious and intentional.

MY MUSIC PASTIME: I prefer Jazz and enjoy Ol' School, Classic Rock, Standards and Country. Positive lyrics, soulful or rhythmic beats are moving, especially for Gospel Praise and Worship.

For fun and musical community, I joined to sing karaoke. I've recorded over 1,500 duets or solos (a.k.a. @cococomico) It's fantastic to sing interactively with members from around the world! Try it!


"Life is Short But It's Wide" (Spanish Proverb)

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Call me at 702-620-4020.

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  • Education
    • Washington University - StL MO
    • University Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV)
    • Forest Park College - STL Comm College
    • Dale Carnegie
    • CCSN - Las Vegas
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